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Bluana is a foodtech startup with the mission to create a plant-based seafood alternative product, for tuna and salmon sashimi.

In doing this, the company aims to satisfy the foodies and flexitarians and hopes to reduce the pressure on the Ocean’s overfishing.

Using natural and healthy ingredients, Bluana Foods’ team of Chefs binds them with algae extracts to obtain a product such as fish meat. The startup is competing in the growing plant-based market, with a size of 15 billion Euro.

The Bluana team went through the experience of four accelerators: Founder Institute, MIT CEE, Transatlantic Start-up Investor Accelerator, and Masschellenge Switzerland. They are also part of Proveg Incubator Berlin, the world’s leading plant-based and cultured food startup incubation, the BRINC accelerator in Hong Kong, and GEC based in Dusseldorf.


Bluana aims to replace the sushi fish species that are caught from the Ocean, with a plant-based alternative.
Bluana intends to direct a percentage of its profits toward the Blu’wanna NGO to R&D solutions for collecting microplastic from the Ocean.